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 Don’t miss anything, live in real-time ! 
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The free community app dedicated to outings and events in real time, integrating its own cryptocurrency based on the blockchain Ethereum.

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I Use the app

I indicate the events and outings to the community when I go out thanks to geolocation : street dancer, artist, exhibition, street-marketing, special evening in a bar or a nightclub.

I also give my opinion on this event through emotions.

Thanks to me the community knows in real time what is happening around them, I am the major player in the life of the application.

I also become a real influencer about events !


I'm rewarded

Whenever I notify an event, indicate my presence or evaluate, I earn OTG that are stored on my own secure wallet.

I can see in real time how much OTG I own via my profile on the app.

My daily use brings me cryptocurrency OTG, which I will be able to use all over the world.

I spend my OTG

I have a lots of possibilites to use my OTG !

I can send some OTG as tip to a great street dancer, take a drink in a partner bar who accepts OTG, book a table in a nightclub, have discount on my order on some websites partners or also participate each week to the official Outing lottery with great prizes !

OTG is also listed on an exchange as any cryptocurrency.

Meet the Team

Gauthier Testu

Chief Executive Officer

& Co-Founder

Martin Musset

Chief Communication Officer 

& Co-Founder

Mickaël Debrie

Chief Product Officer

& Co-Founder

Romain Richard

Chief Technical Officer

& Co-Founder

Antonin Breton

Chief Designer Officer

Gregoire Chaignon

Architect Developer

Maxime Lazennec

Full Stack Developer

Geoffrey Brulé

Full Stack Developer 

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60 Rue de la vallée
80 000 - Amiens


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Email : contact@outing-app.com